Mandalas is a three-dimensional version of the very old Tibetan toy, invented more than 2000 years ago.

Created with love and care

Mandalas helps concentration, tactile stimulation, development of fine motor skills, creativity and imagination, Helps relieve the tension

Involves using 40 different arm muscles

Especially recommended for children with Autism and ADHD like joint attention therapy.

We Make three models of Mandalas


Our original handmade Toy Mandalas give you an opportunity to make different shapes that symbolises something. We give you some examples to see how it work and feel free to share with us your ideas of creativity



To make Mandalas more interesting for you, we prepare 5 different Levels to play with your Mandalas

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Lotus Flower Mandala symbolizes the beautiful harmony in the universe, as well as long life, health, honour and good luck. This particular concept has been described in the Vedas over two thousand years ago. The Lotus Flower Mandala is a unique toy that is appealing to both children and adults alike. The Mandala is made to help you relax and mostly it is recognized by its therapeutic properties and it has been created to develop your creativity and imagination. It is believed that the Lotus Flower Mandala came to its existence simply to help mankind to observe the never-ending changes in our universe.

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We are a creative young couple, keen to share our ideas with you. We have been working on our product for more than two decades, making our products 100% hand made, functional and safe to use. Our products are made of stainless steel, which means once you buy it, it will last you a lifetime. Timeless is something we strive for. Timeless is what describes our products and just proves how durable they are, and they are made especially for you.

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Our company is located in Alcudia, Palma de Mallorca, Spain But you can meet us in many different shopping centers in different parts of Europe, especially in winter and around Christmas