Lotus Flower Mandala symbolizes the beautiful harmony in the universe, as well as long life, health, honour and good luck. This particular concept has been described in the Vedas over two thousand years ago. The Lotus Flower Mandala is a unique toy that is appealing to both children and adults alike. The Mandala is made to help you relax and mostly it is recognized by its therapeutic properties and it has been created to develop your creativity and imagination. It is believed that the Lotus Flower Mandala came to its existence simply to help mankind to observe the never-ending changes in our universe.

A word mandala (from the classical Indian language of Sanskrit: lit, circle) is a religious and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, symbolising wholeness, the universe and can be viewed as a model for the organisational formation of life itself a universal diagram that tells us of our relation to the eternal, the life that extends both behind and within our bodies and minds.
Here are a few facts about mandalas that will help you understand them better:
Mandalas have been widely used for meditation purposes in traditional cultures. The idea is to be able to de-stress and find internal peace through art and comfortable drawing or playing with 3D Mandalas. They may be simplistic in nature but engaging in drawing or playing mandalas can allow you to meditate and find internal peace.
Anything that involves a spiritual and mediated practice allows one to engage in self-discovery. These practices are enabled through the use of mandalas. In older cultures, one who feels lost is able to discover themselves through the use of mandalas and engaging in its artistic practices.
Shapes & Forms
Mandalas are solely based on a circular image or circles are their foundation. You do not need a degree in Arts or mad artistic skills to be able to engage in drawing mandalas. The idea is to be able to simply draw circles to relief your stress and internal disturbances, or just make different shapes of figures with 3d version of Mandalas
There are no restrictions as to how mandalas are represented. The forms of representations involve drawing on murals, paper, sand, and other areas. This allows mandalas to become a universal symbol that is present in public spaces, personal diaries, and the internet. Moreover, mandalas are used to represent wisdom in the universe. If one was to analyse this piece of art closely, they will notice a message from separate souls present in the mandalas.
The main part of a mandala is the intention. While it may be possible to create such a form of art for no purpose, it is mostly created with a bigger intention. Most people engage in working with mandalas for expression love or inner feelings. The personal intention is to bring about guidance and insight for viewers through an abstract form of art.
Leisure & Fun
While the main idea behind mandalas is to be able to engage in the spiritual and self-discovering experience, they can also be drawn for complete fun and leisure. There does not necessarily need to be any thought process involved. You can simply begin drawing circles and engage in the process of making mandalas.
Making mandalas is simple and exciting. However, there is a strong sense of traditional spirituality present behind these practices. With these shapes being represented in a format that allows for love, self-discovery, and inner peace, one can begin to understand how an abstract form of art can hold so much information in its content.

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